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Chapter 1: It all Starts with a Name

Naming Your Business
Most people are pretty excited about naming their company and their products and services. But if your background is not technical, you might have a tendency to skip over some of the special considerations that are needed in this day and age of the Internet. Before you settle on your favorite name you should consider whether or not it will be available as a Domain Name, or if a variant of the name can be used.

And so begins the slide into tech-speak. We’ll make a strong effort as we go along to define the terms and to also explain what is important about them. After that, you’ll be able to answer some questions and determine for yourself what you will want for your business.

So what is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a name that you use online to point to a particular place on the Internet. It is registered with a registrar and it can be managed and configured by either you or a vendor that you work with. As you probably have guessed, it can get far more complicated than that. But really, the technical jargon will not help you make the critical business decisions related to a domain name, so we’re not going to get into it here.


So back to your business and your name... the selection of a business name and even your product or service names should be done in conjunction with your analysis of available domain names. And if you expect your business to be primarily one that derives revenue from online sales from people that find your site via popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, then you should be sure to read this entire book with special attention given to the SEO chapter before you start down your business path and before you begin spending any significant money on marketing or technology.

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