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Chapter 10: How to be Found Online


Are You on the Map?
Seriously, if you were to search for your business using Google Maps or MapQuest, would your business show up? For certain types of businesses, this is a simple registration that can go a long way in having locals find you – check out our online resources to find out how to do this!

Business Listings for Your Industry or Market
On the previous page we asked a bit about directories and awards. These sorts of sites can often be some of the best links back to your site. Consider for a moment If you were a small hotel in a market with a lot of competition, it would likely be pretty difficult for you to have your business show up in searches. But by getting yourself on sites like www., not only can people make a reservation directly with you, but you suddenly have a highly credible link back to your small site – thereby increasing your potential for coming up in the search listings. We can’t realistically provide a comprehensive link to all the possible list sites for all industries, but if you check out our Online Resources we have some guidance and a few ideas for you to follow up on.


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