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Chapter 11: Email Marketing

Making Email Marketing Work for You

The tools that are sold for email marketing can be labeled in a variety of different ways. You might hear of them as email list management, group list management, or just email marketing. Essentially they help you capture email and contact information, organize the contacts and send and track email campaigns. They also allow you to organize your contact list into a variety of sub-lists such that people can show up only on the lists they want to be on. This works really well for membership organizations as well as companies that have a variety of email campaigns and want to offer their customers, vendors and potential customers options as to what sort of information to receive. How you use these tools can vary widely, but the applications help you keep the data organized in such a way that a single contact can be part of multiple lists. These tools often help you to design the actual communications that are sent by providing access to email templates. Finally they help you understand the success of your email communications by allowing you to track how individual emails are responded to.



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