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Chapter 12: Multi-Media


Video has become much more popular on websites and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Most of us are familiar with YouTube where you can watch millions of videos. You also may know that you can send those video links or embed them into other web mediums like blogs, websites, etc. You may not realize, however, that this comes with some strings. First the video must typically be under 10 minutes, and it is not supposed to be a direct sales piece. Lastly, and probably most important is that a YouTube player on your site will almost always include links or ads that can have your visitors inadvertently leave your site.

Video can be a very good marketing tool for some businesses or organizations. If you are someone who would like to be interviewed or considered for other video formats, then having an example of how you show up on screen can be a big boost. Also, many businesses may find that video is a great way to add value to the website visit or to convey information in a teaching context.


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