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Chapter 3: Foundations

Building a Solid Foundation
for Your Online Presence

There are a few things required by all businesses in order to have a professional online presence.


The first foundation for your online presence is a distinctive look and feel. This can be as simple as a basic logo that is consistent across all of your company materials, including business cards, any brochures or posters as well as you website or blog. Whether you are a service company, a restaurant, or a manufacturer, it is important to have a professional look and feel. What does that mean exactly? Let’s say you have two options to hire a contractor to do remodeling work on your home, both referred by a casual acquaintance. The first one has a professional website, and when they come to bid, they drive a truck with the same logo and contact information painted on the side of the vehicle. The second contractor, has no website and the person who comes to bid hands you a business card with email and phone scratched in.