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Chapter 3: Foundations


The second foundation for your online presence is your website or blog. Notice that I don’t consider these the same thing. How you present yourself online should be completely based on the intentions you have and the needs of your company and your customers. You will want to read through and complete the exercises in subsequent chapters to determine if one or the other or both is best for you. Then you’ll need to think about what features and options are necessary to support your business and marketing objectives.


The third foundation is of course, your business email. And not just any email address will do. As with your logo or mark, it is important that your email address be part of what has you appear professional. That means you need your email to be based on your domain name. You may or may not have noticed the difference between and but many people do and it can cost you business because it occurs as attention to detail and professionalism, and if that is what they could be hiring you for, you may have already blown it. We’ll sort through all the email options in a later chapter – but know upfront that this can be something super simple and inexpensive. Having a professional online presence is not about breaking the bank. It is about knowing what is a priority and not letting all the techie details and unlimited options get in the way of getting it done.