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Chapter 4: Logos & Graphics

About Graphics File Types and Original Artwork

Whether you know or want to know much about graphics, if you are a small business owner or someone in charge of the creation of marketing materials for your company, then you need to at the very least understand that different file types are used for different mediums. It is critical that you treat original artwork with the utmost care and keep them in multiple places so that you never, ever lose them. You cannot use graphics from your website (typically saved in .jpg, .gif or .png) to recreate graphics that will be used to print. Web graphics are saved at a much lower quality level and they look very grainy if printed. Further if you have a graphic artist attempt to recreate a print quality graphic from a web quality graphic, it may never look the same and it could cost you quite a bit of money for the trouble. The chart below will help you understand how to judge file types for ORIGINAL graphics.



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