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Chapter 5: Email

The Understanding Email

Email is one of the more complicated web tools available today. Most people would not guess this to be the case, but with the advent of smartphones and all the mobile and email interfaces that exist, it can be very complex and frustrating to figure out the best email solution for your business. It isn’t difficult to get an email address. You probably already have one or several. But determining the best business email is very different than signing up for Hotmail or a personal Gmail account.

Browser-based or Computer-based Email Clients?
Despite how it sounds, an email client is not one of your customers that emails you frequently. An email client is the application you use to receive, view, manage, and send your email. Most are familiar with two different kinds of email clients:

  • those that are browser based (meaning you get to them the same way you would get to a website, like Gmail)
  • and those that are applications running on your computer (like Microsoft Outlook)

If you want to know what tools allow you to have all of your email in one location, check our Online Resources.


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