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Chapter 5: Email

Categories of Email

There are four email options that we will review here. Two are basic and two are advanced or groupware.

Basic Email
The two basic email types are distinguished by the protocol they use. Protocol is a technical term that identifies the connection type that allows one system to talk to another, but all you really need to know is the following:

  • POP is a basic email receiving protocol that works well for people who only access their email through one client, that is, one computer OR one smart phone. It does not sync well.
  • IMAP is a newer protocol that works really well for people who have multiple email clients. For example if you check your email on your home computer and you want it to sync with your smartphone or another computer, IMAP may be the way to go.

Advanced Email - Groupware
If your organization has multiple people and it would be useful to view or manage each others calendars or tasks then you may want to consider a groupware option.

Groupware features can include:

  • Shared calendar/multiple calendars
  • Common document repository
  • Distribution lists
  • IM (instant messaging) integration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Contacts / Shared Contacts

Two options for advanced email include 1) Microsoft Exchange with the Outlook client and 2) Google Business Applications with the Mozilla Thunderbird client.


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