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Chapter 7: Ecommerce

Some Technical Details:
Security and Ecommerce

Will your customers feel comfortable putting their credit/debit details in your hands? If you are using anything other than PayPal or Google Checkout, you need to know this.

SSL – Secure Socket Layer is a certificate that you get which allows your site to run with encryption. If you are selling directly and asking customers to enter payment details, you should ALWAYS be using this. The way you know it is secure is that the beginning of the URL begins with HTTPS instead of just HTTP and there should be a little lock symbol, typically in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. An SSL certificate can cost as little as $30 and as much as $1200, but for most smaller online retailers you can expect to spend under a few hundred dollars per year to keep your certificate valid. This allows your customers to verify that you are really who you say you are and the differences in price are all related to the level of validation that the provider will guarantee.



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