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Chapter 8: Social Media

Making Social Media Simple

Before you read any of this, remember that you do not need to, and in fact, probably should not try to use all social media platforms. And, you do not need to use the platforms you may choose in every possible way they allow you to. Specifically, you don’t have to be everything for everyone with social media. So then, let’s get started.

What Can Social Media Accomplish for Me?
Social media is just that - SOCIAL. It connects you with others. The thing you can get the most out of it is to be a human voice and face to your otherwise non-human company. That isn’t to say that your company may not be wonderfully human for you. But social media can help it be that way for customers and potential customers who have not interacted with you before. Specifically, with social media, the communications are very informal and often not about business. You share things about yourself or you have someone in your company spend time sharing about themselves and their interests in the name of the company, making it real, making it personable, and making your company approachable.

Social Media is also multi-directional, that is to say that it not only allows you to say things about your business or life, but it gives others the opportunity to comment on your products or services as well. This means that to engage in social media could carry certain risks if you are not able to maintain a level of service that keeps customers happy. So be prepared. The best and worst thing for your business may be that you are listed on people’s reviews of products and services and that people all over your community and around the world may send that link to other people that they know.


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