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Chapter 9: SEO

Who Needs SEO?
If you were to do a search on the term SEO and read a smattering of the articles written on this topic, you would assume that everyone needs SEO. And perhaps in its most basic form, that is true. But it would not be accurate to say that every business should hire out SEO consultants for their business. However, if in your business or marketing plan you have associated more than 50% of your revenue to online sales that are primarily sourced from web searches then you should plan to hire out this extremely strategic part of your business to the experts. Whether you plan to do it yourself, hire it out or to approach it in some combination, this chapter will help you better understand what SEO is and how you might assess a vendor that is offering to provide SEO services.

There are four basic things you need to know about to understand what SEO is and what it does.

  1. SEO Setup
  2. Keyword Analysis
  3. SEO Copywriting
    (Placing Keywords throughout the website)
  4. 4. Link Building

A fifth or final aspect of SEO is Local SEO and we cover that in Chapter 10.

SEO Setup
SEO setup is only a small part of SEO. To be clear, your blog, website, and other listings do need to be configured correctly for search optimization, but this is really the easy part. Be aware of the difference between getting SEO work done for your site and getting a website that is SEO ready. So what is SEO ready? All this means is that the designer or developer who creates the structure of your website does so in such a way that the search engine can effectively identify the most important content on each page.


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