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From Plan to Action

The Last Step...

Now is the time to bring your ideas together into a single plan. This activity is critical to your planning process because it forces you to deal with all the possibilities together and to limit your initial plan to the most important ones. On the next two pages you will be able to finalize your decisions and capture your next actions so that you have a starting point for implementing your online presence. Be sure to capture any secondary items in the Parking Lot so that you can easily see what is prioritized and what is an idea for the future all in a single view. See pages 125-126 for sample Internet Plans.

Once you have completed your Internet Plan, we recommend that you use an online task management system to capture the detailed tasks required to move forward. Find suggestions in our Online Resources.

Online Resources

Don’t forget to add tasks to visit our online resources at to dive in deeper. These may help you identify vendors for certain tools, be able to assess or compare vendors, learn how to use the tools or setup aspects of your online presence yourself, or it may just explain in further detail some of the options described at a high-level in the book.


Activities to Take On at a Later Date

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